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EQ Fitness PLUS

Project lead


Designed by

Alex Meintjes

I was approached by an American boxer, Richard, to develop a brand around his new company EQ Fitness PLUS.

Drawing from personal experience, the company works with primarily at-risk youth to aid in their personal growth and often redirect a young individual from making life altering decisions. Establishing pathways for emotional intelligence, smarter decision-making frameworks and leading a young person towards a brighter future, EQFP broadens a persons perspective, challenges their thought process and creates a positive, trusting environment in order to further teach a child/teen about smart decisions, safe activities, and better choices for a brighter future.

I drew inspiration from many visual elements from the boxing world. These options where the 1st pitched logo variations.

After some discussion, Richard felt that the logo needed to better represent the “trinity” of body, mind and spirit. A logo that has a stronger visual message.

This is what led to the current, and chosen, logo for EQ Fitness PLUS. The logo’s iconic element at the top is that of a crown that, at the same time, forms a boxing ring. Above it, we see the three stars that represent the trinity that EQ Fitness PLUS so strongly believes in.

I am working on the website and it will be launched soon! Watch this space!

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