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AlexM (me lol)

Project lead


Designed by

Alex Meintjes

About AlexM

I am a hybrid graphic designer from Cape Town, South Africa, who enjoys designing all kinds of things from logos to websites etc. I have the skills to not only design but develop websites that display well on all formats. I also build my websites into the WordPress CMS and this allows clients to edit and update their site’s content. Animating is also one of my skills I offer as it allows my imagination to run wild every now and then.

Never stop believing in yourself! See where you want to be, plan it out and go beyond!!

Project overview

I wanted a logo that represents me. The logo consists of an “A” and an “M” that stands for Alex Meintjes. Combined in this way, it creates an illusion of a mountain top. The logo shows ups and downs, but still shows that I am constantly aiming higher in my projects and in life.

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